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USBlyzer is an easy to use software-based USB Protocol Analyzer for Windows, which performs USB device activity analysis in real-time. USBlyzer allows you to capture, display and analyze IRP and URB requests and related structures used by USB device drivers as well as I/O control requests used by user-mode applications. Captured data can be saved to a file for later analysis. The program can be successfully used for monitoring data flow between USB devices and Windows applications, debugging enumeration process and reverse-engineering USB protocol. USBlyzer is a complete software solution, so you won't have to install any additional hardware or software. The following are the key features of USBlyzer: - You'll be able to start using USBlyzer right away. The intuitive and customizable user interface will get you up and running in no time. - Capture and analyze all I/O activity going on between system software and USB devices (e.g. mice and keyboards, flash drives and more). - Real time monitoring and capturing at any level in the USB driver stack from USB host controller to USB device. - You can view detailed information about any USB device: Device descriptor, Configuration, Interfaces, Endpoints, etc. - You can view detailed information about the captured requests such as bytes transferred/requested, transfer direction, and much more. - Device class decoding reveals class specific requests and descriptors.

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